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Our agency is committed to representing our clients in a professional manner while utilizing a network of global associates to ensure a mutually beneficial career path for our client base. GoEmpire Group is a compact, dedicated team of professionals who will provide constant communication, representation and care to all of our clients.



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From contracts and legal counsel to training and marketing, GoEmpire provides a full range of services to each of our clients.


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GoEmpire Group is a full-service athlete representation firm with a main office in Chicago. Our professionals possess a thorough understanding of the sport industry, with experts in personal management and representation, including contact negotiation, marketing guidance and career counseling.


We understand the complexities and legalities of the industry and we take this exciting opportunity to offer a wide arrangement of possibilities for our current and prospective players. WIth our global outreach we are able to provide our clients with an immense ammount of option.  Our relentless nature and supporting cast of lawyers, agents and representatives will stop at nothing to help our clients reach their goals on and off the court.


Mailing Address: 2336 West Palmer St, Chicago, IL 60647


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